Can I depend on your discretion?

Of course! We will never divulge your personal details, phone number or any other data to anyone not even to the escort that you are meeting as we take privacy and discretion very seriously.

Should the occasion arise that the lady that you are meeting has difficulty in finding your apartment or cannot find you at the pre-arranged meeting point, we will call you first and ask if it is ok to give the lady your phone number.

We never assume that it is ok to give out your number without checking first.

We rely on your discretion too...

We also rely on the same high level of discretion from you, as do our ladies.

Discretion is just as important to the lady that you are meeting as it is to you and here are a few small points for your consideration.

Please respect the ladies privacy at all times, this means during your booking and especially afterwards. Please don't divulge their identity to others whether it be to other clients that you might know via online forums or to other escorts.

Remember, always treat the lady the same way that you would have her treat you, especially when it comes to discretion.

It is always best to avoid asking overly personal questions of the ladies such as "what is your real name?", "where do you attend University?" and "where do you work in your real life?". For most of our ladies escorting is a fantasy, a chance to step outside of themselves and throw caution to wind whilst still knowing that they are safe to enjoy a romantic and passionate encounter with a stranger that has no lasting consequences on their "real life" or their future.

Talking about their day jobs, family and friends can smash that illusion, as can talking about bookings with other escorts

There are many things you can talk about and many romantic and intimate things you can do with your time so why spoil the encounter for both of you by talking about these things?

Also, if you talk about other escorts, the lady will then be bound to wonder if you are going to talk about her to the next girl that you meet. This will not be conducive to an intimate encounter as no one likes the thought that they may be gossiped about.

As they say "discretion is the better part of valour"

And a gentleman knows this....