Travel Costs and Deposit

For all bookings outside London we require a 30% deposit and the travel costs for the lady are to be paid upfront by either bank transfer or Western Union.

Travel costs are to include her flight, taxi to and from the airport and other expenses occurred whilst travelling. So, in addition to the cost of her flight, we ask for £300 to be paid upfront to cover taxi fares and food and drinks whilst at the airport.

All travel costs must be showing as "cleared funds" before any tickets will be booked.

If the booking is far in advance then the 30% deposit can be paid later but it must be showing as received 48 hours before departure or else we assume that you no longer wish the booking.

If you cancel the booking then the 30% deposit will be held as credit for your next booking.

If you cancel within 24 hours of departure then the lady will require as a cancellation the fee for two hours as shown on her profile. If the lady has already set off then she will require three hour's cancellation fee as remuneration for her time.

In either case, in addition to the cancellation fee, her full travel costs must be covered.

For trips that are at short notice i.e within 48 hours then we would recommend that the travel cost and deposit are transferred by Western Union and the same rules apply re. cancellations and the lady's time and expenses.

Distance and duration

Short-haul flights within mainland Europe would require a minimum overnight booking or longer.

Bookings outside mainland Europe must be for a minimum of 48 hours in duration.

The booking will be deemed to have started when the lady arrives at her destination and ends when she checks in for departure.

Flights - Business vs Economy

Please remember that when the lady is with you she is a companion and whilst we fully expect her to enjoy her time with you we would urge you to remember that she is still working and is expected to behave in a professional manner. Therefore and in order for you to fully enjoy the benefit of her companionship we recommend that for flights longer than 3 hours, the lady should be booked into business class. This is to ensure that she arrives refreshed and ready to look after you.

If you do not want the expense of a business class flight the lady may agree to fly economy. If this is the case then we insist that you allow the lady to arrive the day before your booking, to stay in a suitable 5* hotel room paid for by you, so that she can relax and be able to greet you the next day feeling refreshed, looking fabulous and being full of energy. In these instances your booking will begin when the lady arrives with you at the original start time of the booking and you will NOT be charged for the previous day.

N.B If you are in any doubt about anything written on this page then please phone us and we will be happy to discuss the procedure with you.